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   Project: Midi in-out-file processing: Summary

MIDIIO2K / MIDIFL2K OCX Midi input, output, & file processing*. Versatile/reliable/accurate/optimized for VB** and most sound cards***. Based on old tools & demos (MIDIIO32 / MIDIFL32) by Mabry, Mike LeVoi, Joseph Balogh. Based on unrelated features****

* Assuming the controls are capable of processing midi any conceivable way. Assuming most intuitive tricks depend mainly on VB code.

** Assuming limitations in VB5/VB6 will be properly handled regarding anything related to releasing resources, multithreading and public storage, like DoEvents, End, MsgBox, OnError, events, timers, public variables, etc. Assuming demo source code is optimized for speed and reliability, and may sacrifice simplicity.

*** Assuming most sound cards are safe to use, but there are always a few cheap sound cards which will not be supported. The cause is terrible or slow drivers which can generate stuck notes during heavy processing. The controls use midi API, like midiInOpen(), MidiInProc callback function, midiOutShortMsg(), midiOutLongMsg(), etc., to communicate with the drivers. Safety features are added to the controls to help buffer any data, but they are still at the mercy of the additional buffers in the drivers.

**** Project also provides comprehensive and advanced solutions to unrelated features like VC/VB error handling, VC event/callback/multithreaded processing, VB5/VB6 limitations, etc.

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